On Saturday, 26-sept 2015, woke up at 6 and left for vidisha to create awesomeness at sharp 7 with Rahul Talreja (RePs), Vidit, Kushagra Varade, Rashmi and  Alisha stumblick the whole way. It was really privileged for me to be there, i just loved it.


The agenda for the day was:
*Introduction to Mozilla by Rahul Talreja
*Firefox Student ambassador Programme by me(Aditya Shah)
*Localisation by Vidit
*Womoz by Alisha &  Rashmi
*App Development by Kushagra Varade
*A sumo talk by Satyadeep
*Firefox hindi browser download
*Geolocation (Moz Stumbler)

We reached the college around 9 AM and made the necessary arrangements with the Shubham’s team over there, we had a great breakfast at their canteen.  It was really amazing. 
We came back from the canteen and were welcomed with a Tilak Ceremony.
There were two labs with 2 projectors connected to the same pc, that is we had screen sharing in both the PCs. So we started with the introduction of the team by Rahul Talreja sir in both the labs separately.
Then Rahul sir image

started with the Introduction of Mozilla followed by the Mozilla products and contributions in it and we distributed swags for the answers given by the students over there.

I(Aditya Shah) took the session on FSA programme, explained what we need to do in this, what are the different levels and what is the structure of the programme, we also told the different advantages they are getting by joining this programme and made them register into it.

The third session was taken by Vidit on Localisation (L10 & locamotion) with the demo so as to teach students in a better way.

The next session was about the Womoz which was taken by Rashmi and Alisha about the special position given to the women in Mozilla.

We had a nice lunch at around 1:30. 😀

In the second half we had the session on our main agenda that is App Development for FxOS by Kushagra Varade. A lovely presentation given by him from the history to the current scenario. Then he demonstrated how to install stimulator and related things important for the app development. Then there was a question answer session like finding out the bugs in the app and removing them, the people interacting were given swags.

The sumo Master Satyadeep took a session on SuMo and told the students about his experience about his contribution in Support.

We also had a talk about Firefox browser in Hindi and made the students download firefox in Hindi.

Last but not the least we had a talk about the Geo Stumbler and demonstrated the app to the students with the details of campaign currently running.

After this the Head of Computer Science Department expressed his thanks on behalf of entire institution to the entire team and Mozilla for the awesome event. After this we had a group photo and we winded up with the event !!

The event managed by Shubham was extremely appreciable. I thank him to give me this pleasure also i would like to thank my mentor, Mr. Rahul Talreja (ReMo)  who took me to the great event.

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