Aditya Shah


WordCamp Nagpur 2017 Experience

It started with a chilled morning as we arrived at 4:15 am in the morning and soon we went to the retiring room – special thanks to Indian railways for providing such a facility, after taking an hour nap we were all set and energized for WordCamp.

I would like to introduce my friends Animesh Jain, Manglam Gupta and Prateek Shukla. I and Animesh were the volunteers at WordCamp Nagpur and had a duty at community room. Finally, we reached the venue that was Chitnavis center, the place was very good and attractive. We met other attendees and volunteers at the center and in some time all the organizers and volunteers were there and everything started with the lightning speed. The registration desk was set up in the first place and all the id cards and kits were distributed.

The first day of WordCamp was very good and interesting as it was a great experience meeting great speakers and great people in WordCamp. After the WordCamp, we found a hotel in Nagpur at a very interesting area that doesn’t sleep at night at that particular time of Ramzan. We took rest for about 4-5 hours in the hotel room and then a great task was waiting for us, the ultimate vegetarian food finding challenge that is very difficult in Nagpur but eventually we succeeded after traveling 4 km from our place and returned back to the hotel room after our food challenge.

The night was very interesting as the whole area of our stay was a very big market that was selling various and interesting stuff around. After roaming in the whole area with a great crowd present there that was totally unexpected for us as the population is quite less in Nagpur. We finally went back to our hotel after roaming around for a nap around 3:00 am.

The second day of WordCamp was another interesting day with so many speakers and parallel sessions around. Sponsors were given Sponsor Desks for interacting with the attendees in WordCamp. It is always been a pleasure to meet sponsors at WordCamp and I really wanna thank for all the super cool stuff especially for the batches we got and even a wireless mouse from reseller club.

WordCamp Nagpur was a real success and even there was a memento for every volunteer stating thanks for supporting WordCamp.

We left the center around 6:00 pm as we were having our train at 10:00 pm for Bhopal and went for dinner at a cool Italian restaurant guided by Abhishek Deshpande – Lead organizer of WordCamp Nagpur. Soon after our dinner we went to the railway station with an auto rickshaw and came back to Bhopal after an overnight journey.





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First MSTC Bhopal Meetup

In our mission to revive Microsoft Technical Community (MSTC) Bhopal, the core team’s first ever Meetup was organized successfully on 6th May 2017. The meetup was indeed very productive one. The agenda/ conclusions of the Meetup are as follows:
  • To finalize core team of MSTC Bhopal.
  • To finalize the LOGO, Social Media Accounts, Website and other Point of Contacts of community.
  • Planned next Meetup and its venue and also the Venue for the Community Office.
  • The existing MSP TEAM agreed for the extensive Sessions in Universities and Other technical Institutes in Bhopal.

The plan for the Session/Seminar was lined up after reviewing the extensive feedback received. The session would be giving an overview of Microsoft technologies to the students and how to use and implement it.


  1. This session will have overview of Microsoft Technologies, which would be including sessions on Azure, IOT, Power Apps, MVA portal, etc..
  2. The second session will be on LinkedIn’s ‘Rock Your Profile’ Session.


The attendees were:

Azure Day 2016

The most awaited day finally arrived when I finally got the chance to organize the “AZURE DAY” in my college. Oriental College of Technology, Anand Nagar, Bhopal.

That morning I woke up and rehearsed all the contents via Skype through my fellow mates. This was going to be fun as it was organised by Microsoft and I felt privileged to be a part to the Microsoft team. We reached the college by 11:30 and checked for all the arrangements that were to be done on time starting from projector, to power point presentation, as I have held many seminars in various institutes across the country, so I was knowing it would be one of the best things happening in my life again!!

The seminar was scheduled to start at 1:00. The audience started to assemble in the auditorium according to the time given by the authorities. They all looked excited about the seminar. Finally after the dignitaries arrived, we welcomed them and the seminar moved forward.., Let me tell you about what the seminar was about.

We informed the students what azure was all about.

  • What is cloud and its importance
  • Description windows azure services
  • Computer Services
  • What is network service
  • What are data services
  • Azure components
  • Azure Pricing

Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform. Move faster, do more and save money with IaaS + PaaS. Our Aim was to make People aware about Microsoft azure on the auspicious Azure day. The advantages of the azure were mind blowing, as students were very much keen to know about this new technology.

We discussed about the azure thoroughly and went through all of its components via PPT’S, After the session was over, a Q&A round was held in which many students came up with questions about the working, updates, pros & cons of the MS Azure.

Finally the session was over with the dignitaries giving speech about the future aspects and the use of the azure in our day to day lives. Also they thanked us for our efforts that made the students knowing something about the new technologies Microsoft launches and others related to the IT field.

It was great pleasure for me to join hands with Microsoft student partner program and make the students aware about the new innovations done by Microsoft. My college also supported me to organize the seminar. Without them, which would be quite impossible. Finally the session ended and we clicked some photographs of the entire seminar.
Overall, it was a nice experience for me and in future I’m looking forward to organize more of such seminars in various institutions.



WordCamp Bhopal 2016

This is the first time, I have organised a WordCamp (WordCamp Bhopal 2016). I learned a lot, so I thought about sharing my experience. ?
This was one of the best day in my life, as i had many responsibilities on the day as the lead organizer of WordCamp Bhopal 2016. I had a good team of organisers and volunteers including Animesh Jain, Gaurav Tiwari, Sachin Artani, Udit Jain, Yash Kumar Hemnani, Raj Tiwari, Shreya Singh, Arpita Vishwakarma, Shubham Agrawal, Deepansh Gupta, Minesh Chandel, Rishabh Chandrayan, Raj Nilayam, Amisha Jain, Tanay Saraf who really helped me and without them the event could not get this event a huge success.


The day started at 5’o clock, I checked my WhatsApp and Facebook, where I saw Saurabh Shukla’s message that he reached Bhopal around 3, I called Gaurav to get in touch with him where I came to know he is already with him and were enjoying. Then about 6.30 animesh and Saurabh arrived to pick me up and we left for our venue, Lakshmi Narayan College of Technology, Bhopal.

We were provided with very good rest house for our speakers from the venue sponsor (LNCT) to get freshen up, where we went and checked out the things, Vidit Sharma from the team went to pick the other speakers from Airport. We were arranging flexes and other things at the venue and slowly all the speakers were there at the venue, we asked all the speakers and sponsors to move to the guest house to get freshen up and made the other preparations.


At 8.45 attendees started to reach the registration desk, we asked them to please revisit the registration desk at 9’o clock, then Animesh Jain took the responsibility of the registration and distributing kits with Udit Jain. The online attendance was taken by Sachin Artani at the registration desk, the best part was that, the registration process was smooth and got ended up on time, we had breakfast at the same time.


The next great thing was we had an awesome auditorium with capacity of around 2000 people, to accommodate only 300 attendees we did block the side rows and made all to sit in the middle row and made the speakers and sponsors to sit in the front so that anyone can recognise and interact with them, we had 3 sponsor tables outside the auditorium, one for our proud Gold Sponsor rtCamp, next for our awesome silver sponsor MilesWeb and the third was for our wifi sponsor Bangon where the team of respective company sat and interacted with the people.

Starting of the event:

The event started with the lightning of lamp by director of training & placements, LNCT group of Institutes along with all the speakers of WordCamp Bhopal.


Everything was planned and went great and suddenly a glitch.


The projector issue.. the projector suddenly stopped working and everything was rushing in a strain, we tried many things, then the speakers and team members from WordCamp Mumbai and WordCamp Pune namely Rahul Bansal, etc tried everything we could, in all we were delayed for about 1 hour and then the saviour came into action Mr. Vachan Kudmule he brought his portable ZTE projector along with him and he connected it and we started with the the first session by Puneet Sahalot on Introduction to WordPress.
Immediately we called a projector on rent but that was taking time so Tanay Saraf with Vidit Sharma went to a store and brought a projector in less than an hour, finally we had 3 projectors with us which made me feel relaxed, that was the one and only glitch in the whole event which was resolved asap!

I requested all speakers to cut down their session by just 5 mins to cover the event timings, We had speaker sessions until 11.30 and then there was a 10 mins break for all to have a breakfast which included sandwich, tea, coffee and samosa :D, the break was extended to 15 mins instead of 10 and then we again started the sessions.


We had Aditya’s session on Why choose a career in open source (WordPress), then we had Nirav’s session on Why We Indian Developers Fail… And what you can do about it.., and then a session by Rahul onBuilding high quality WordPress agency in India!

The Lunch Break:

We had a lunch break at 2:00 PM behind the auditorium, in the lunch time a great number of people interacted with speakers and sponsors which made me feel great to know the enthusiasm in Bhopalis about WordPress.

Interaction of attendees with Rahul Bansal in the lunch time


The Second Half

Just after the lunch we had a panel discussion on “how do WordPress agencies hire” by Rahul Bansal, Amit Singh, & Nirav Mehta and which was moderated by Saurabh Shukla which seek attention of the attendees to the WordPress companies and how they can be benefited from it and ended up the sessions by Saurabh’s awesome session. Mistakenly i tagged Aditya Kane instead of Nirav Mehta (apologies).


I finally took privilege to come over the stage and thank all the speakers, sponsors and attendees to come and making the event a huge success, also i announced about the WordPress Bhopal meetup venue given by LNCT group of Institutes.

The Speaker Dinner:


WP Awareness at LNCT

Wednesday morning it was, 31-aug-2016, It was good sunny day and my day started at 6:00 am and at 8:00 i called my friend Animesh jain to come to my house to see what content we need to deliver today. We had a discussion about the seminar at my place and then we left for Lakshmi Narain College of Technology (LNCT) and met our team members Gourav Tiwari, Arpita Vishwakarma, Udit Jain, Yash Hemnani and Shreya Singh who were making arrangement for Seminar already.

Our seminar covered:

  • Domain Information and free domain registration with dotTK Domain Registry.
  • Hosting Information and free hosting registration with Hostinger.
  • Information about name servers.
  • WordPress Installation with its famous five minute install?
  • Customizing the website with themes and plugins.

We started our session on 3:00 PM, and we were so happy to see the excited students, we were provided with an auditorium, projector and mic from the college. Started our seminar by asking few question from students about the topics, WordPress, motive of workshop and announced about the swags. Vidit Sharma started with the introduction of Open Source and explained the WordPress concept.

Then I (Aditya Shah) and Animesh Jain combinedly started the session about registering a domain leading to register for a hosting account, setting up name servers to point the domain which too followed by a WordPress installation and setting up a WordPress theme from the theme directory. Also i took privilege to explain the community part, and how one can contribute to the open Community WordPress.

I then explained about the WordCamp Bhopal 2016 which is an informal annual conference of local WordPress community of Bhopal and everyone gave a dedicated response about participating in the event and were very happy to hear about the speaker sessions and other benefits of WordCamp.

After this we took a selfie with all the students/attendees, and winded up the session. 🙂

Some pictures of the event: