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WordPress workshop in SIRTS

Wednesday morning it was, 24-aug-2016, It was good sunny day and my day started at 8:00 am and talked with my friend Animesh jain. We had a discussion about the workshop and then we left for Sagar Institute of Research Technology & Science (SIRTS) and met our team members Raj Nilayam and Rishabh Chandrayan who were making arrangement for workshop already.

Our workshop covered:

  • Domain Information and free domain registration with dotTK Domain Registry.
  • Hosting Information and free hosting registration with Hostinger.
  • Information about name servers.
  • WordPress Installation with its famous five minute install?
  • Customizing the website with themes and plugins.


We started our session on 12:30 PM, and we were so happy to see the excited students, we were provided with a computer lab, projector and computer system for our workshop from the college side. Started our workshop by asking few question from students about the topics, WordPress, motive of workshop and announced about the swags. Animesh completed the introduction about WordPress, motive of workshop.

Then I (Aditya Shah) stared the session about registering a domain leading to register for a hosting account, setting up name servers to point the domain which took around 1.5 hours to make everyone understand and capable to use it. Our team helped every student who asked for help by raising their hand and our team members visited to deal with the problem they faced during following the instruction on the screen.

At the end of this part everyone was ready with their personal website with a WordPress theme installed on it.

Rishab explained about the WordCamp event to everyone and everyone gave a dedicated response about participating in the event and were very happy to hear about the speaker sessions and other benefits of WordCamp.

After this we were presented a memento by Head of the Department, computer science department and was appreciated for the workshop taken.

Some pictures of the workshop:

Hour of code Bhopal

Hello guys,

This blog post is about the Hour of Code conducted in Bhopal during December 7th to 13th, 2015. We organised the session jointly. A group of passionate volunteers (Mozillians and Microsoft Student Partners) of our community. It was all started after my friend’s Robin Koshy’s telephonic conversation with me (Aditya Shah). Where we discussed about organizing the Hour Of Code-2015. Then we moved a step further deciding a place to choose for the session to be conducted . Thereafter I went to few schools in the town to discuss about the same.

I went to some government as well private schools but the response I was getting was not good due to exams, preparation leave and winter vacation  in schools the event was not permitted even after the authority and Principal’s were interested for the session. But somehow Robin managed convince them and at last getting two schools Vikram school, Piplani, Bhopal for the Hour of Code 2015 to be conducted.

Aditya Shah
Vidit Sharma
Raj Nilayam
Mukesh Pathak
Robin Koshy

Unfortunately at the last moment there was an electric cut so we need to change our plan we had got 3 different classes with the students and green board so we (Aditya shah, Vidit Sharma, Raj Nilayam) devided. As we could not take the students to the labs and let them know about minecraft hour of code ( but we were on a mission to give them computer science education so we delivered the best possible knowledge about computer science and technology also i made them aware about the need of coding and made some basic programs of c++ and java. The session got interactive with the doubts of the students over there.



At last i declared the time as a doubt session where they asked me about websites like how to develop and host websites, about cyber security (i told them about how they can make their online identity more secure), one i remember he asked me how can i hack a facebook account i replied him if you can hack/access a single account how long will it take to takeover whole Facebook (with practical explanation).

Finally i would like to say it was great to be there with the school kids. I felt so awesome that i could give an amount of my knowledge to the future of India.  Also i would like to thank my friend Robin Koshy who took permission to organise Hour of code. Also i would like to thank my entire team to support me and to make the event a success.

Selection in MSP programme

Hello guys,

This post is to thanks all those who helped me in the process of getting selected as a Microsoft Student Partner.
It was 2nd of September my friend karan told me that the forms for MSP for this session are out and we are getting 5% extra weightage if we submit the forms by 5th of september, we went to the CS lab in the college and just checked the tasks needed to be done to apply for this programme. On checking we found that following were the main tasks needed to be done.
* I need to take the session on Microsoft Azure
* I need to work on the community work that is, i need to make 5-10 friends register for Microsoft Azure.
* A video of less than 1 minute in which i need to explain that why Microsoft should select me fit for MSP programme.
* A recommendation letter from the college.
* Complete a MVA course

First of all we (me and Karan) signed up for Dreamspark, unfortunately our account was activated after 5th of September i guess it was 7th September when i got the mail that my dreamspark, I was then confused that many people have already submitted the form and they’ll get weightage so i was about to drop the idea to apply for this Programme. I suddenly got a call from my friend Rahul Talreja (ex-MSP) and he asked me that did i submit the MSP form? I told the whole situation he said do fill up the form and he said to have faith i’ll be selected. I then again made my mind and asked the HOD Cse department to take a session next day. The HOD of Cse department said yes you may take a session, since there was problem with the projector on that day, i took my laptop and took the session in the classroom itself.



The next thing was supposed to do was to make them sign up on Microsoft Azure through DreamSpark. I guided them about how they can sign up and avail their student offer and make use of free tools given by Microsoft as a student offer.

Now, i wanted to make the video, i was thinking to make some good or innovative. I called Rahul Talreja and he gave me a tool to make a presentation video, i then made a script to speak and made that video. On that day with the help of my friend Aman Singh Rajpoot i completed my task to make the whole video.

Between these days i also took a recommendation letter and took screenshots of my friends accounts and uploaded them on the Microsoft cloud i.e, on One Drive also i completed MVA course.


On the last date of the submmition of the application i.e., on 27th of September i took the form and filled it with care :p and submitted finally.

On the evening of 30th November i got a message on Facebook, i just checked and it was a message from Kushagra Raj (my super senior in my college) congratulating me to be selected as a MSP, i thanked him and checked the list and found out 4 students from my college were selected in which one was my friend cum classmate Aman Singh Rajpoot and one was Prateek Shukla (My Junior branch mate)  and the 4th one was my branch senior Deeksha Neekhra, i took previlage and wish them all.

At last, I would like to thank my friend Karan who let me know about the form and helped me in the initial stages to put me up in this programme. Secondly i would like to thank ‘The Great’ Mr. Rahul Talreja for his immense support and time. I would also like to thank Satyadeep Bharadwaj, Aman Singh Rajpoot, Mrinal Jain, Kartik Kaushal, Prateek Shukla and all others who helped me in one or the other way to do these tasks.

Thanks for reading the post. 🙂

Software testing and quality management Task Force

Hello guys,

I would like to share my experience of joining my First Task Force i.e., Software testing and quality management Task Force. I was looking to do something new and interesting. On a day i came to know about this task force i thought its for me. 😀

I just went through the Wiki page and gathered the information about the work, eligibility, joining n members in it. The joining was simple, i just took privilege to write to the owner of the task force (Chandrakant Dhutadmal) and wrote my experiences and works in it on 8th October 2015. As he found me eligible and worthy he added my name to the contributors list on the wiki page and mailed me the confirmation on the same day.



At the end i’d like to thank Chandrakant sir to find me fit in his opinion and giving me opportunity to be associated with Software testing and quality Task Force.

FxCamp Oriental

Hello guys, this post is about the Pilot Campaign organised in Oriental College of Technology on 17/10/2015 to enhance Firefox in Hindi downloads.

The campaign was scheduled to be done on 16th of October but due to some technical problems we had to delay, so we managed to change the date and got the date as 17th October.

Due to dushera holidays at that time the strength was too low but we managed to cover as many as people from Computer Science department and we all managed to download and install Firefox in Hindi in all the Computers of the lab.

There were about 20 attendees and we managed to download and install Firefox in Hindi and also we made firefox as default browser in the whole lab.

Since the attendees were new to Mozilla, i took a small session on Mozilla and its mission and also about its projects and contribution areas in Mozilla’s Projects. We (me and Kalpit) also demonstrated ”Army of Awesome” and localisation (l10n). Also we recruited 20 firefox Student ambassador.

We were about to do the campaign again but again due to some circumstances we didn’t got the permission from the college management. Although the campaign is over but I’ll embed this in my next event for sure.

Sorry Umesh sir i couldn’t wear the T-shirt in the Campaign as swags didn’t reach on time. ?

RePs Portal Link:
Link to pics: