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Software testing and quality management Task Force

Hello guys,

I would like to share my experience of joining my First Task Force i.e., Software testing and quality management Task Force. I was looking to do something new and interesting. On a day i came to know about this task force i thought its for me. ūüėÄ

I just went through the Wiki page and gathered the information about the work, eligibility, joining n members in it. The joining was simple, i just took privilege to write to the owner of the task force (Chandrakant Dhutadmal) and wrote my experiences and works in it on 8th October 2015. As he found me eligible and worthy he added my name to the contributors list on the wiki page and mailed me the confirmation on the same day.



At the end i’d like to thank Chandrakant sir to find me fit in his opinion and giving me opportunity to be associated with Software testing and quality Task Force.

FxCamp Oriental

Hello guys, this post is about the Pilot Campaign organised in Oriental College of Technology on 17/10/2015 to enhance Firefox in Hindi downloads.

The campaign was scheduled to be done on 16th of October but due to some technical problems we had to delay, so we managed to change the date and got the date as 17th October.

Due to dushera holidays at that time the strength was too low but we managed to cover as many as people from Computer Science department and we all managed to download and install Firefox in Hindi in all the Computers of the lab.

There were about 20 attendees and we managed to download and install Firefox in Hindi and also we made firefox as default browser in the whole lab.

Since the attendees were new to Mozilla, i took a small session on Mozilla and its mission and also about its projects and contribution areas in Mozilla’s Projects. We (me and Kalpit) also demonstrated ”Army of Awesome” and localisation (l10n). Also we recruited 20 firefox Student ambassador.

We were about to do the campaign again but again due to some circumstances we didn’t got the permission from the college management. Although the campaign is over but I’ll embed this in my next event for sure.

Sorry Umesh sir i couldn’t wear the T-shirt in the Campaign as swags didn’t reach on time. ?

RePs Portal Link:
Link to pics:


Mozilla Awareness day at Oriental College of Technology

This blog post is about the event¬†conducted at¬†Oriental College of Technology, Bhopal, on 3rd October 2015. On 2nd October’s night i couldn’t sleep for the whole night as there was an event on the next day and i was the person who was responsible to take care of everything, i took the banners, ID cards of the club members and all the necessary things and reached the college around 8.45, i met all the club members and ask them to prepare the labs by¬†¬†installing and testing simulator in firefox (which is needed for app testing) on each computer. I then went to receive the Speaker cum RePs (Mr Rahul Talreja and Mr Vaibhav Bajaj) with Vidit Sharma and Satyadeep on behalf of the Oriental family, at the same time my team was arranging everything needed to be done so as to proceed with the event.


The team included:

  • Aditya Shah (club lead)
  • Surbhi Girdhani (womoz)
  • Kalpit Muley (SuMo Contributor)
  • Raj Nilayam (Localization)
  • Karan Tamrakar
  • Aman Singh Rajpoot
  • Ankita Dongre (Anchor for the event)

The event was started at sharp 11 O’clock by welcoming Mozilla reps Rahul Talreja and Vaibhav Bajaj by a bouquet and lightning of the lamp, also there was a saraswati vandana to make the event more successful.


The mic was then handed over to Rahul sir who introduced himself and the whole Mozilla team and appreciated the club for its work. The session started with the introduction of the Mozilla then continued with its products to the other open source projects.


They were told about the contribution areas like:

  • Webmaker
  • Localization
  • Geo Stumbling
  • SuMo
  • Marketplace
  • Bugzilla, etc

Since i need to make all the arrangements i moved out of the hall, and checked the whole arrangements. When i returned back it was almost the end of the session, I asked the Mozilla team to come to take the lunch. When we came out of the hall there was a fabulous Rangoli of the Firefox logo made by Aayushi Saxena and Mitali Kawale, we had a group photograph with all the attendees.

IMG_20151003_131021     IMG_20151003_134215

Then we proceed to the canteen for the lunch with the Mozilla team and the club members and had a great lunch discussing the future plans of the club.

After the lunch students were asked to gather in the labs, we then went to the labs and distributed ourselves as we had got three labs. The main agenda in the labs was App Development for Firefox OS, we started with Webmaker, and made the students learn about Thimble, X-ray goggles, etc, and made the register themselves on

The next thing was app development for FxOS, in the 3 labs I, Vaibhav sir, Rahul sir, Vidit, and Satyadeep and all the club members got distributed in the labs to see everything goes well. I, Vaibhav sir and Rahul sir started with the session of App Development in all the three labs respectively, by the help of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Due to shortage of time, we did not provide the students with the time to make their apps, we asked them to try it at home, and if they get any issue with that they may contact us.

Then we told them about the etherpad (real-time notepad) concept. The students anonymous interest when we told the advantages of etherpad.

finally we recruited Firefox Student  Ambassadors by making them signup on, about 100+ students signup for being the member of firefox student Ambassador. The time was up, we wind up with all the stuff and then i took the RePs to meet the director and then she came out with us and we had a group photograph.

  • Reps portal link:¬†
  • google drive link for pics:¬†


App Day SATI 26-sept-15

On Saturday, 26-sept 2015, woke up at 6 and left for vidisha to create awesomeness at sharp 7 with Rahul Talreja (RePs), Vidit, Kushagra Varade, Rashmi and  Alisha stumblick the whole way. It was really privileged for me to be there, i just loved it.


The agenda for the day was:
*Introduction to Mozilla by Rahul Talreja
*Firefox Student ambassador Programme by me(Aditya Shah)
*Localisation by Vidit
*Womoz by Alisha &  Rashmi
*App Development by Kushagra Varade
*A sumo talk by Satyadeep
*Firefox hindi browser download
*Geolocation (Moz Stumbler)

We reached the college around 9 AM and made the necessary arrangements with the Shubham’s team over there, we had a great breakfast at their canteen.¬† It was really amazing.¬†
We came back from the canteen and were welcomed with a Tilak Ceremony.
There were two labs with 2 projectors connected to the same pc, that is we had screen sharing in both the PCs. So we started with the introduction of the team by Rahul Talreja sir in both the labs separately.
Then Rahul sir image

started with the Introduction of Mozilla followed by the Mozilla products and contributions in it and we distributed swags for the answers given by the students over there.

I(Aditya Shah) took the session on FSA programme, explained what we need to do in this, what are the different levels and what is the structure of the programme, we also told the different advantages they are getting by joining this programme and made them register into it.

The third session was taken by Vidit on Localisation (L10 & locamotion) with the demo so as to teach students in a better way.

The next session was about the Womoz which was taken by Rashmi and Alisha about the special position given to the women in Mozilla.

We had a nice lunch at around 1:30. ūüėÄ

In the second half we had the session on our main agenda that is App Development for FxOS by Kushagra Varade. A lovely presentation given by him from the history to the current scenario. Then he demonstrated how to install stimulator and related things important for the app development. Then there was a question answer session like finding out the bugs in the app and removing them, the people interacting were given swags.

The sumo Master Satyadeep took a session on SuMo and told the students about his experience about his contribution in Support.

We also had a talk about Firefox browser in Hindi and made the students download firefox in Hindi.

Last but not the least we had a talk about the Geo Stumbler and demonstrated the app to the students with the details of campaign currently running.

After this the Head of Computer Science Department expressed his thanks on behalf of entire institution to the entire team and Mozilla for the awesome event. After this we had a group photo and we winded up with the event !!

The event managed by Shubham was extremely appreciable. I thank him to give me this pleasure also i would like to thank my mentor, Mr. Rahul Talreja (ReMo)  who took me to the great event.

Flickr Link :

Reps Portal Link:

Firefox for Windows 10 campaign

On 20th, september at Grills n More, indrapuri, bhopal we had a great meetup mainly focused on basically 3 agendas mentioned below. Started from 2.30 till 7:00, we had a great time and got to know much more about mozilla.
The agendas were:
1.) Contributions Of Mozillians in various sectors.
2.) Windows 10 Campaign
On the previous day of the event that is on 19th of september i had got a call from my mentor cum Mozilla Reps Mr.¬† Rahul Talreja to arrange a venue for the meetup for windows 10 campaign, i immidiately looked for it and finalized Grill’s n More according to the needs of the campaign.
The next day around 2.30 we started with the meetup by the session of Mr.  Rahul Talreja about the heirarchy of the Mozilla foundation about the FSA, mozillian, reps, etc.


At the same time the campaign by Mozilla Reps Mr Shafique was also running in indore so we connected with them on Google Hangout and made the meetup more interesting.
I with Rahul Talreja and Vaibhav Bajaj sir demonstrated one by one to make the firefox as their default browser and asked them to convey this to their friends too by telling the advantages of firefox browser over other browsers.


Vaibhav sir n Rahul sir also demonstrated Localisation (L10) which was a non tech but an amazing contribution area and most of us signed up for that new contribution area and started contributing in that.

Then at the end we concluded with giving the recognitions to the top contributors of the region, Satyadeep was awarded with the Moz TEE for being on the top in Army of Awesome for more than a month, and then the womoz  was appreciated to form a team of womoz in the region and their contribution to the community.

Hope you enjoyed reading the post. Thank you.