Hey all,
This blog post is about our Meetup, held at Oriental College of Technology, Bhopal, India. Me along with my club member Surbhi Girdhani, organised this Meetup in a better way. As per the theme we targeted the Students that were not aware of Mozilla and its mission and and the contribution areas in it and we finally did our best to deliver our knowledge about Mozilla to the attendees. we had students of 2nd and 3rd year CS/IT engineering.  Meetup started at 10:00 AM where me (Aditya Shah) started with introduction to Mozilla Community followed by the WoMoz by Surbhi Girdhani.

We worked hard to get the permission from the HOD Rupali Mam (IT department, OCT) then from the Director Dr. Kavita Burse (Oriental College of Technology, Bhopal). Then we made arrangements like WiFi and other services like projector and all. Since we didn’t had the swags so i asked the local Rep ( Mr. Vaibhav Bajaj) and he provided me with the swags for my event. Also Mr. Rahul Talreja and Mr. Vaibhav Bajaj helped a lot to clear out several things to be told into the meetup and given several links to help us.


Meetup started at sharp 10′ in the morning with the introduction about Mozilla followed by the contribution in different parts like

  • FxOs
  • Webmaker
  • Localization
  • Army of Awesome
  • Mozilla Stumbler
  • Bugzilla

Then i demonstrated each of them on my device to get them started with the contribution in these projects. I also made them know about the benefits of getting involved with Mozilla in its mission by making them know about the FSA program and making them registered as the members of Firefox Student Ambassadors. Also i let them know about the Firefox Club which is there in the college so that they may also join it and help contributing more efficiently.


After the main session we had a question answer session where I cleared every doubts of the attendees and distributed the swags between them. 🙂


Atlast i would like to thank and congratulate my Club Members to handle this event in a better way and hope to organize such events and some more bigger events again and again to promote awareness about Mozilla and other open source Projects. Also we are planning to have a session on HTML App development to build and contribute in making FxOs apps. 🙂

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/858043157635831