Global Azure Bootcamp Bhopal 2018

The Global Azure Bootcamp event was organized on the 21st of April, 2018 in the LNCT Campus headed by me (Aditya Shah) and Mayur. The propaganda of the camp was to inform the students and make them familiar with Azure, the leading cloud platform of the industry.

The event started with welcoming our four speakers – Mr. Divyansh Singh, Mr. Niket Chadrawanshi, Ms. Anubha Maneshwar, and Mr. Navin Sharma. The event then took off with a brief introduction was given by me where I shed light on the various Azure products and their importance and efficiency.

After this, two of the speakers took hands-on sessions in the laboratories on how to use Azure to host websites and applications. The students were taken to the laboratories where they activated their Azure accounts with Azure pass that were sent by the Global Azure Bootcamp team. After a small snack break with Subway refreshments; funded by Microsoft, our session resumed.

Then a session on creating a bot using Azure was taken by Naveen where he explained each and every step to create a BOT. The last session was taken by  Ms. Anubha on how Azure can help students to build a better career. She also mentioned opportunities available when using Microsoft Azure as cloud service.

The event was a great success and I would like to extend hearty thanks to Prof. Anuj Garg, and the entire staff and students of the LNCT Group of Institutions in making this a successful event. The event was also successful in spreading awareness about the technologically advanced products and services of Microsoft.

In the end, we had a question and answer session by all our speakers who stood in front and welcome all questions by the attendees.








It was a successful event, regarding both the strength of the students that attended it and the awareness that it was able to spread.



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