We have recently formed a webmaker Club in Oriental College of Technology, Bhopal

Club Lead :

Aditya Shah

Club Members :

  • Aditya Shah
  • Animesh Shrivastav
  • Snehil Dubey
  • Jhalak Gupta
  • Ankita Dongre

Hello Guys,

We Have formed a WebMaker Club in Oriental College of Technology, by organizing several Events and maker Party.

What we Taught :

We made the students know about Mozilla Webmaker as well as other products and projects of Mozilla, we also made them know about Mozilla and its Mission.

Whom we Taught :

We gave introductory workshops to the students of Oriental College of Technology, Bhopal.

What tools and resourses we used :

We made the use of thimble, goggle xray , and popcorn to use webmaker, and also we gave the use of App Maker.

Oriental Webmaker Club Logo :



Credits :

I would thank our speakers Mr. Rahul Talreja , Mr. Vaibhav Bajaj & Mr. Chanadan Baba for their support in the workshops which was awesome.  They are good orator and makes things interesting and interactive, my friends who were present in session were thanking me for organizing the Webmaker session.

Gallery :