Hello guys,

This post is to thanks all those who helped me in the process of getting selected as a Microsoft Student Partner.
It was 2nd of September my friend karan told me that the forms for MSP for this session are out and we are getting 5% extra weightage if we submit the forms by 5th of september, we went to the CS lab in the college and just checked the tasks needed to be done to apply for this programme. On checking we found that following were the main tasks needed to be done.
* I need to take the session on Microsoft Azure
* I need to work on the community work that is, i need to make 5-10 friends register for Microsoft Azure.
* A video of less than 1 minute in which i need to explain that why Microsoft should select me fit for MSP programme.
* A recommendation letter from the college.
* Complete a MVA course

First of all we (me and Karan) signed up for Dreamspark, unfortunately our account was activated after 5th of September i guess it was 7th September when i got the mail that my dreamspark, I was then confused that many people have already submitted the form and they’ll get weightage so i was about to drop the idea to apply for this Programme. I suddenly got a call from my friend Rahul Talreja (ex-MSP) and he asked me that did i submit the MSP form? I told the whole situation he said do fill up the form and he said to have faith i’ll be selected. I then again made my mind and asked the HOD Cse department to take a session next day. The HOD of Cse department said yes you may take a session, since there was problem with the projector on that day, i took my laptop and took the session in the classroom itself.



The next thing was supposed to do was to make them sign up on Microsoft Azure through DreamSpark. I guided them about how they can sign up and avail their student offer and make use of free tools given by Microsoft as a student offer.

Now, i wanted to make the video, i was thinking to make some good or innovative. I called Rahul Talreja and he gave me a tool to make a presentation video, i then made a script to speak and made that video. On that day with the help of my friend Aman Singh Rajpoot i completed my task to make the whole video.

Between these days i also took a recommendation letter and took screenshots of my friends accounts and uploaded them on the Microsoft cloud i.e, on One Drive also i completed MVA course.


On the last date of the submmition of the application i.e., on 27th of September i took the form and filled it with care :p and submitted finally.

On the evening of 30th November i got a message on Facebook, i just checked and it was a message from Kushagra Raj (my super senior in my college) congratulating me to be selected as a MSP, i thanked him and checked the list and found out 4 students from my college were selected in which one was my friend cum classmate Aman Singh Rajpoot and one was Prateek Shukla (My Junior branch mate)  and the 4th one was my branch senior Deeksha Neekhra, i took previlage and wish them all.

At last, I would like to thank my friend Karan who let me know about the form and helped me in the initial stages to put me up in this programme. Secondly i would like to thank ‘The Great’ Mr. Rahul Talreja for his immense support and time. I would also like to thank Satyadeep Bharadwaj, Aman Singh Rajpoot, Mrinal Jain, Kartik Kaushal, Prateek Shukla and all others who helped me in one or the other way to do these tasks.

Thanks for reading the post. 🙂