Aditya Shah



On Sunday, 9/August/2015 it was a pleasent morning. I with Rahul Talreja hosted an event, i.e., MozCoffee. At around 12 many FSA’s from all over the bhopal met at the venue, Balaji Tower, MP nagar, Bhopal and had a great session delivered by Mr. Rahul Talreja (Rep, Mozilla).


We had a great discussion about the contribution areas in mozilla including Localization, twitter handle, webmaker and more. He also detailed us with the heirarchy of being into the community, like how to become FSA, Mozillian, Rep, council, etc also what are the responsibilities of the same.



The session was a two hours long session about the contribution in open source and how can a person be linked to a community and what are the advantages of the same.

Atlast we concluded by thanking Rahul sir for his time and making us aware about Mozilla’s mission and how can we contribute to it, and what are the benifits of it. Then we had a group photograph attached below 😀


Foxwave 16-02

The event #foxwavebhopal was an awesome at Bhopal School of Social Sciences. I just loved it. As it was my first event i got a lot to know about Mozilla and its mission to create the world open, free and innovative. I am happy working as a Firefox student ambassador form my college and i’ll definitely try to contribute to Mozilla’s project  to make the world open and free.


I have got to know about Firefox OS

Firefox is previously known for its browser but its really more than that. The Firefox OS is launched two months ago with exciting new features and has an ability to compete with android.